Our wines

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Base level

The base level of Alma Valley features affordable, light and drinkable dry wines, made from blends of several varieties of grapes

Special Cuvees

The "Special Cuvees" of Alma Valley are wines for particular occasions, generally made from a blend of two varieties of grapes. The wines of this line have special labels designed in the style of "Pin-Up" poster art. This line consists of four season wines and Picnic Wine

Upper line

The upper line of Alma Valley consists of varietal wines, using at least 85% of the grape variety indicated on the label. They differ from the entry-level wines in strict selection and partial aging in oak barrels.

Reserve wines

For the top line of Alma Valley, we select the wines which have the most elegant style and the long- est potential for aging. The red wines of Alma Valley Reserve are aged for at least 12 months in oak, and the whites are partially fermented in oak barrels. All the Reserve-level wines are aged at least 3 additional months in the bottle